I have been a knifemaker since 1979 and specialize in Norwegian upscale knives with silver ferrules and leather sheaths. I do shows in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway each year.

I have been featured in Knives Digest, Knives Illustrated, Fighting Knives and International Waffen Magazin. I have also been featured in the Norwegian Knifemakers Association’s Magazine «Knivbladet» and the Swedish Knifemakers Association’s Magazine «Knivmakaren».

Durring my years as a knifemaker I have won several awards at competitions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I won the Knife Illustrated’s Award for «The best Nordic modern knife» in 1994 and 1996, in the annual Norwegian Hunting and Fishing days at Elverum.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here at my site, and if you have any questions about my knives, knives currently in stock, upcoming shows etc., you are more then welcome to email me at

haraldsellevold@gmail.com or contact me by

phone: +(47) 936 83 796

Harald Sellevold

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